Our way of working

How your process looks like depends on your challenge. After all, selling your company is different from buying a company or financing growth strategies. Nevertheless, we can roughly divide our approach into five phases:



In the first phase, we get to know you and your business. And of course you get to know us. We will discuss your challenges and see how we can support and guide you in this.

During this non-binding introduction we can already give you an idea of what a feasible strategy is for you. Even if the result would be that we tell you that this is not the right timing for engaging with us.


Indicative valuation of your business

After we have become acquainted, we will prepare an indicative valuation of your company. You get an insight in your actual position and where your potential lies and we provide you with input for determining the right next steps.


Advice and Proposal

Based on your challenges and your value proposition, we determine what is the best approach for you. In our proposal we describe in more detail what the envisioned process will look like.



Are we going to work for you? That always starts with thorough preparation. We collect and document the necessary information, depending on your issue. Think of compiling an information or financing memorandum or drawing up a search profile.



And then it’s time for implementation. The execution of your project. We will go to the market for you and of course we will guide you in the negotiation phase of a transaction.

The four-eyes-principle

We always have two partners working on your project. We call it the four-eyes principle. So you can always count on specialist knowledge and extensive experience. This is how we achieve the optimal result for you.


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