Selling your business, buying a business or realizing your growth ambitions is serious business. After all, you want to achieve an optimal result. Then it is good to know that as an entrepreneur you are not alone.

NexyZ supports and advises entrepreneurs in the IT sector on mergers and acquisitions, growth financing and strategy. Discover what our specialists can do for you.

The right partner(s) for your challenges.

All NexyZ partners have their own expertise and areas of interest. Whether you are looking for support with the sale of your business, want to obtain legal advice or want to be challenged about your strategy, one of our partners has gone through this before. Moreover, there are always two experienced senior partners working on your project. This gives extra comfort and control of the process and offers more creativity.

Specialised in IT

In depth knowledge of the sector is a crucial factor to give the best possible solution for an issue. Therefore we focus on tech business!

Our team of partners not only has specialist knowledge but also has practical experience in the IT industry. They were all once responsible for the kind of challenges you face today.

They understand how a tech company works, understand where the pain points are and can immediately think along with you. Not only about the financial aspects of the business, but also about practical matters so that you can realize more value.

Our team 

The people behind NexyZ. A group of enthusiastic professionals, each with their own expertise. Meet our team of partners.